What does mean "Our products are targeted towards "the mid to high-market", which comprises a full range of cleaning utensils including squeegees, srubs, dustpans and sponges

“The mid to high market”

Thank you very much.

If I understand it correctly, it should be written as “the midrange to high-end market” or something similar. It means the cost (and service) is not cheap and is targeted at people who want to spend more and get more. But it’s a strange term to use for cleaning products! Usually this type of phrasing is related to hotels, restaurants etc.

I think your understanding is right because they provide high quality products but with high price too. Higher than most in the market.

Thank you very much. And let us see what others say…

Well I’ll be damned. I’ve never heard of a “high-end” dustpan before either!

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It would have to be German :-p Bürstenhaus Redecker

Of course, “because the Germans always make good stuff.” --Vince, from Shamwow.

That is an exceptionally poorly constructed sentence.