What does it mean, to "import lessons"?

One of the benefits of a paid plan is that you can have unlimited imports of lessons, whereas in the free plan you only get five. But what is an import? We users import podcasts?

@jujujulia - Imported lessons are lessons that are privately stored in your account. Some learners like studying lessons in the Library, but LingQ also allows you to import content from virtually anywhere on the Internet to study in your LingQ account – things such as blog posts, emails, news articles and more. With a Free account you are limited to adding five lessons, but as an upgraded user you can import as many private lessons as you like to study from within LingQ. If you have any further questions let me know!

Anything in written form can be imported and studied as a LingQ lesson. I’ve imported about 50 of my favourite books, chapter by chapter.