What does 'honechka' mean?

I was recently called ‘honechka’ by a Russian girl I met, but I can’t find that word anywhere. What does it mean?

I don’t know this word though I am a Russian teacher.
But we often call each other with the words which are just interesting for us by pronunciation and have no sense.
For example, the famous hero of the Russian cartoon ‘Cheburashka’.

The ending -echka makes good words. It’s something nice and not big. Like a child or a kitty, for example.
Does your name sound any way similar?
Is it possible she adds the Russian ending to the English word ‘honey’?

Since h does not exist in Russian, how would you even spell that word in Russian to begin looking such a word up? онечка?

‘h’ exists in Russian, but we say it like German ‘ch’: horosho - хорошо.
I think Ress is right- it’s possibly the English word ‘honey’ with a Russian suffix with the meaning ‘my dear’.

So it might be Хонечка then? That word/name is searchable, and seems to be attached to, among other things, pet dogs, members of Asian boy bands and a certain model of Honda Civic. So like Ress says, it must be a trendy use of the English ‘honey’ as a “pet name.”