What does educated mean?

To you anyway.

I find the expected implication in english to be rather insuficient. Wise is too vague. Learned lacks the necessary oomf or authority I think a proper description deserves.

I know plenty of uneducated phds and more than my share of unsuspected wisemen.

Is someone educated because the have more knowledge in a specific feild, have the most applicable knowledge, the most quoted or another quality that evades me.

Do you have a better word?

How should it be recognized?

Educated means you’ve been taught how to think by the schooling system.

So when people say ‘people who are anti-immigration are just uneducated!’, for example, what they mean, is that they don’t think the way the schooling system and agreement by consensus which comes with it, the forced syllabus which comes with it, expects them to. Anything that is anti-what you’ll learn about society, expectations and relationships in school or university will end with the proponent being labelled ‘uneducated’. Even voting the way someone doesn’t want you to will get you brandished with it.

It is something that is pretty much exclusively the terminology of the educated left (there is no other type of left) and is almost universally applied to anyone who is on the ‘right’ side of the political spectrum.

One can be learned, well-read, intelligent, diligent, smart, clever, resourceful, etc without being ‘educated’.

Educated is a synonym for ‘programmed’ in a sense, when people use it the way they use it. The funny thing is the people who use it in this way never know they are using it in this way. And even upon pointing it out to them they will not admit/be able to see it, so deeply ingrained as a positive thing are the words ‘educated’ and ‘education’.

‘Educated’ can also mean that they have simply gone through school and/or university but this inherently comes with the above implications.

As fate would have it, i actually came across a usage of the term in the way i explained whilst reading about Premier League footballer Jamie Vardy this morning.

“In August 2015, The Sun on Sunday published a video of Vardy at a casino the previous month, calling a man of East Asian origin a “Jap”. He apologised for a “regrettable error of judgement” and was fined by Leicester, who put him on an educational course.”

As we can see from this, ‘education’ has nothing to do with being clever or learned or academic, it is more to do with how you think. Jamie Vardy needed to be ‘educated’ because he used a word that other people find offensive.