What do you think about the Swedish languaage?

Hello at all :slight_smile:
I found lingq.com 2 days ago and I must say it’s really awesome. I was searching for a way to learn Swedish. I don’t know why I’d like to learn the Swedish language, maybe because it’s just interesting.
And to be honest, I fancy the idea of posting in the Swedish section of this forum. Unfortunately, I can’t because my skills are still to bad. So I hope I can improve it :slight_smile:
Who is learning this language at lingq, too?

If you go to the community page and select Swedish (just above the latest forum topics) you will get a list of the most active members studying Swedish.

Hello Hannybaby,
I also found LingQ, searching interesting beginner content in Swedish. But recently my main activities at LingQ are learning Japanese, English and sharing Russian content. I am reading Swedish “Who is she” at a snail’s pace, listen Swedish only one day a week and my activity score are 2nd anyway! So, I think, there is only one active learner of Swedish - Reinhard.

But I am going to learn Swedish more intensively in February, or March, when I will learn hiragana and get accustomed with Japanese.


I suggest you busy yourself listening and reading, and saving and reviewing your LingQs. We have quite a few people learning Swedish. Some of our Library items have been taken by 900 people, even our recent SwedishLingQ podcasts have had 70 people download them. And we are going to start aggressively recruiting new learners in the new year. So start LingQing. And follow Jeff’s advice to see who is active learning the language you are interested in.