What do you people think about this "Word Nexus" idea I have?

Just gonna go out on a limb and say I’m not unique in having this idea haha, but I’m trying to learn multiple languages at the same time, which so far (from very brief experience) seems to have concomitantly improved my progression in all.

I’ve been doing something I call “word nexus”, where when I discover a word in one of the languages I don’t understand, I also try to say that word in the other languages I am trying to learn. If I can’t, I make a list of words/phrases I either don’t know/can’t recall perfectly. I can then put this into google translate to get a basic guess as to the translation, and can then import this vocabulary list directly into LingQ. Here is a very small (hypothetical) example of a word nexus list I would to illustrate what I mean:

Word Nexus:

English (my native): Greek, Italian, French

give: δίνω, ?, donner
Come: Ελα, liu viene, ?
Bill: ?, conto, facture
know about: γνωρίζω για, ?, savoir a propos
well-known: ?, ben noto, bien connu
thought: σκέψη, pensato, pensée
thinking: σκέψη, pensiero, pensée
Something: ? , Onesto, ?

Obviously one of the downfalls straight away is that google translate is not the best resource, as it often gets things wrong. But I believe it will give me at at least a reasonable vocabulary. From this word nexus idea, I can expand my passive vocabulary across my stable of languages and I think it also provides another way to force me to recall words and phrases, which may make it easier to write/speak in a language. I am not going to use this in isolation, just for the initial en masse input stage through reading. When I feel intermediate in a language I want to focus a lot more on listening, then of course writing/speaking on top of this.

Please tell me what you think of my idea, and if you see any pitfalls I’m perhaps not seeing!

I’ts a good idea. I often do the same mental operation, although I don’t use flashcards for this. I just check whether I can say some interesting word/phrase/sentence that I find in a language in other languages I’m learning and look it up or check it if I don’t know it or I’m not sure. I do find this strategy very useful.
If you’re uncertain about some particular expression you can either ask on the forum or try to google it. That is you google your “hypothesis” and check whether you can actually find it used by natives in the expected contexts. A third possibility is to use a website that provide you with sentences in context, fore example reverso, tatoeba, …

Congrats if you can do it. I can’t. I am to attached to the words in context. It’s stressfull for me turn my brain to fragments of other foreign language while studying a new one.