What Do You Choose when the Languages You Learned are not the ones in Your Community?

It depends on your motivation.

If you already speak more than one language fairly well, the door is wide open for you to learn more. If you’re anything like me, this won’t impede on your progress in the languages you already know (in fact, it may even help.) It’s mostly just a matter of time management. Of course, it also depends on whether you really want to learn another particular language. If you don’t, then it might be a waste of time even trying. If you want to, though: nothing can stop you from succeeding.

I find having a goal of pleasure (eg: traveling) or simply being in love with the language, culture, etc, makes a huge difference in my learning - as opposed to learning purely for the sake of learning. But then, everyone is different, and I can’t say that any exposure, regardless of one’s frame of mind, is better than no exposure - because it simply isn’t. Any exposure is better than none, and the more, the better. That’s one of the best things about learning languages - it really can be effortless, so long as you have that exposure.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Xmas and New Year’s! Here’s to 2013 being a year of massive progress in language-learning!

What did your husband tell you?

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