What do the "***" mean next to my vocabulary?

Hi, I’ve been using LingQ for a week (great service, the offline app works pretty good) and I’m curious about those * the page puts next to the Lingqs I’ve created. Could you please tell what’s up with that?


Thanks for your interest in LingQ and I hope you enjoy it. The **** indicate the frequency level or importance of the word. **** are very common or frequently use words, and *** ** and * less so. This is based on the frequency of these words in our Library.

You know that a webpage is good when the Creator itself answer your question, thanks so much :). PS: I was thinking It would be great if you add the “import vocabulary” button in the top bar next to the “Select Language” option, it’s annoying having to go to the Vocabulary section just to add one new word I learned from the Web.

Also if you could create a Chrome extension like “LingQ this!” so no matter which page I’m surfing I could lingq a sentence that I want to save for later.

bigzaqui , thanks for the suggestions. We have no immediate plans to do these things. However, when you are reading on the web, you can either copy and import, or use the bookmarklet to immediately import any article into LingQ. If you are reading away from the web you may have to develop a list and then import the new words as a list. However, on the web I would suggest you get in the habit of using the bookmarklet. That is what I do.