What device do you use for LingQ? iPhone ?iPad? Web or app?

I use iPhone app and iPad apprication for LingQ.
But I think I should use PC or website for LingQ.

Should I use LingQ-website on PC?

I use Ling on my computer mainly. However sometimes I’ll use the LingQ app on my phone, because it has a really good playlist feature I can use when I go for walks.


I use it on Android and Desktop. Easier to import content on desktop but when I am walking or out of my house, LingQ’s mobile app is great because of the playlist feature.


I think I would like to use LingQ mainly on my computer.
Thank you very much.

I have not imported contents yet.
I would like to try it.
Thank you very much.

Mostly on iPad, occasionally iPhone, for reading and reviewing. Use browser on iPad for various other tasks, and generally when importing materials, but mostly read news articles from News Feed on iPad, works very well. I like the iPad interface, works well for me.


It looks good to use browser on iPad as well.
Thank you very much.

I much prefer the app on my iPhone and iPad rather than the desktop version. I like the iPhone because it is so easy to listen to my playlist when I am out and I can sneak in some reading if I find myself with some dead time. I like the iPad when working at home because I just find it more comfortable to use, then a desktop or laptop. I can relax on the couch or an armchair, or read in bed before going to sleep. In many ways the LingQ app has replaced my Kindle and iBooks app.