What could you suggest for youth learning Russian language?

Hi everyone, I’m from Lithuania and I’m learning Russian language. I faced one problem on Lingq, I can’t find interesting lessons in library for me, the ones I really liked was shared by Cakypa, and it was from Древо поэзии website. What could you suggest for me? I’m 22 years old, I don’t like serious conversations about politics or economics, the other podcasts are too easy for me and especially if there’s just one person talking, or reading something I just get bored… I prefer real conversations, which were done not specially for language learning (because those are usually not natural conversations), but for radio, blogs, or something else. I would like there would be easy conversations (I have in mind easy themes, not language level) with jokes, funny stories, etc. something interesting for young people, something entertaining! Any suggestions? Thank you! :slight_smile:

If you click “Import Lesson” under Tasks you will see in the right-hand box a whole list of suggestions of where to find interesting content.

oh, thank you!!

I finally found subtitles which I was looking for a long time in one of these websites, but when I downloaded it it’s not russian letters but just something like
00:00:51,044 → 00:00:54,002
Āąģ ņåšģčķīāą ņåėåćšąģģą.

00:00:57,041 → 00:00:59,879
“Ģåķ˙ ņīėüźī ÷ņī ēąšåēąėī
ņšąģāąåģ ķą Ļąņščąšųčõ.”

00:01:00,039 → 00:01:04,676
“Ļīõīšīķū ļ˙ņķčöó 3 ÷ąńą
äķ˙ ļščåēęąé. Įåšėčīē.”

00:01:15,031 → 00:01:16,870
do you know how to fix this?

check this)) great lesson to learn some easy russian words))

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Try this progressive course:

Russian for everybody —> http://tinyurl.com/axcz6xt

Subtitles: load them into this Universal online Cyrillic decoder - recover your texts , select autodetect, and click OK…

00:00:51,044 → 00:00:54,002
Вам терминова телеграмма.

00:00:57,041 → 00:00:59,879
“Мен только что зарезало
трамваем на Патриарших.”

00:01:00,039 → 00:01:04,676
“Похороны птницу 3 часа
дн приезжай. Берлиоз.”

00:01:15,031 → 00:01:16,870

Use Jubler for subtitles and save as text to remove the timecodes. http://www.jubler.org

thanks everyone! unfortunately you’ve suggested courses and lessons, that I don’t really like, it’s too short and too easy for me, on the other hand it’s also too difficult, because it’s hard to learn words when they are said just individually. I prefer real conversations, for example like podcasts from Drevo poezii, I found it on lingq too, it is just normal radio podcasts about movies, and also I’m learning from movie Master i Margarita, I’m making lessons of it, that’s why I asked how to fix Russian subtitles :slight_smile:

These are not on LingQ, but they are good for intermediate listening. www.ruscomrus.com

You may think at first that the dialogue is slowed too much the first time through, but that is not so in all the examples, and it is always presented at normal speed at the end of each podcast. What is really good in these, I think, is the way the presenter paraphrases (explains in other words) the dialogues. There are two series; the newer one, which is supposed to be easier, seems to be only very slightly easier. But neither series is terribly difficult. The recordings are free to download; the transcripts are not. Judging from the transcript samples, they are quite good and would be worth the price should there be something “indecipherable” in a podcast.

LingQ has a similar set of dialogues that are also good: Login - LingQ . The sound earlier in the series is not very good, but it improves. It is the same format: dialogue–explanation–dialogue at normal speed. They can also be found here: http://www.russianpodcast.eu/ .

Both of these series are in Russian, only. Are they too easy for you? For me they provide hours of listening that is not difficult but pleasant and interesting.

[corrected incorrect link]

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" … lessons, that I don’t really like, it’s too short and too easy for me, on the other hand it’s also too difficult, because it’s hard to learn words when they are said just individually. …"

That’s simply not true for the recommended collection,
especially not for lessons numbered > 10: http://tinyurl.com/axcz6xt

Oh, by the way, thanks, u50623, for the Русский язык для всех link. I’ve had the text for a while but not the recordings; I’ll have to dig it out of storage. These brief dialogues are good practice for me–if I don’t concentrate right away, I’ll miss the point.

A little “slice of life” like this one, for instance, is quite amusing:

  • Что это передают?
  • По-моему, это Чайковский.
  • Нет, что ты! Это, конечно, не Чайковский. Кажется, это Глинка.

We’ll never know which it was. :slight_smile:

I sugest the website seemile.com. They are very good!

thank you everyone, let me know if you’ll find something new and interesting for intermediate or advanced level!

I’ll show you, that’s my favourite providers lesson on lingq Login - LingQ
unfortunately, I’ve taken all lessons there is, and it’s not too much on lingq. What I wanted to show you, is that these conversations are not made for language learning and that’s why it’s natural, interesting, but not very difficult. Maybe it looks I’m looking for something unreal, but I really want to find interesting material, to keep my motivation up! :slight_smile:

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There are many more “poetree” / дерево поэзии podcasts and video clips online–on YouTube, rambler, and elsewhere. For instance, http://poetree.ru/blog/ and Andrew Kabilov - YouTube . Many more than have been imported into LingQ–hundreds, compared to 14. Are these the same series that you like?

Yes, I’ve seen it, problem is that there’s no transcriptions…

Oh, okay . . . well, I guess that gives you something to aim for. When you can understand them without transcripts, you’ll have a couple hundred to enjoy.

Yes, I’ve been thinking about that :DDDD