What can i do if i did'nt understand phrase


sometimes i head a new vocabulary or phrase but i can’t understand the meaning ever when look up dictionary because its phrase,and most fo time i think in the meaning in my native language
so what can i do in this situation


Hi khelwany,
For phrases, I use all the time Google Translate (in the bottom right section of lingQ dictionary) or Reverso. It’s not a always a perfect translation but it gives a good idea of the meaning. And we can save those phrases as well, for the vocabulary section.

You can also become a Plus or Premium member which will mean you will have a personal tutor who answer your questions.

I’m also struggling with the phrases too; what trips me up about language learning is not learning the new words but the new phrases! I think this is where a tutor or a fluent friend would be useful.


Do not be too impatient to understand everything. Some phrases will remain fuzzy even if you get them explained.

However, there is a Tutor button on the LingQ widget. Highlight a phrase, then ask your Tutor for an explanation. This question goes to the Tutor’s Forum. The answers will remain on the Lesson Forum for that item.

i try to learn engilsh but am shy when i talk someone may be i speak wrong word what can be do of that

Read and listen more to get a feel for which words and expressions are used in certain situations. Good luck.

Thanks Steve, I think I do get impatient easily and it actually helps to have you point it out.

i will do that thank u

I also have a couple of students who make notes of all the hard phrases they meet, then they book a 15 minute one-on-one session with me just so I can explain all the phrases to them.