What are you favorite language learning blogs?

As a language learner, I always like checking out Steve’s blog as well as other language blogs to learn more, be inspired and stay motivated.

I love hearing other people’s take on language learning. What are your favorite language learning blogs?

One of my favorites that has kept me motivated in learning Korean was
http://koreanasitis.wordpress.com/. He does not post very frequently but the material and the links he has given on resources for Korean have been valuable for me. Steve’s is also one of the better ones out there right now, with the frequency of his posts and the value of his information.

Usually I read Steve’s blog.
Here you find some links of language learning blogs: http://en.bab.la/news/top-10-language-learning-blogs-2009.html
Here you find links to language blogs: http://en.bab.la/news/top-100-language-blogs-2009.html

yeah Jame’s blog is great for Korean learners, one of the best out there. James seems to have studied Korean for a while and has a great grasp on good content and resources.

Vera1, cheers for the links, always good to stay on top of new opinions and ideas from staying in touch with different blogs/ websites. Vera1 what’s your favorite out of the list?

sorry, my bad, VeraI*

Oops, I just realized a terrible typo on the title for this thread, my apologies, should be something like; “What are your* favorite language learning blogs?” Easy to get lazy and just type and hit enter sometimes…

Benny the Irish Polyglot’s blog, great advice on allowing yourself to make the jump to go ahead and make mistakes everyday!

David Crystal’s Blog is interesting. He doesn’t update very frequently, but there are some interesting topics there.

Dave Wilton’s blog on Word Origins is pretty interesting.

For those with kids, Multi Tongue Kids is a really cute blog.

I’ve just been starting to get into reading blogs, so other than these few, I usually just read blogs by people written in the native language rather than language learning specifically.

The Multitonguekids blog looks promising. I have never heard the word “Belgianite” before. Maybe there is a story behind that “coined” word? I see others are using too.

I see others are using this term as well, I mean. I usually say “Belgian”.

Benny the Irish Polyglot, of course! I love that he sees that’s more to learning a foreign language than just verbs and the nouns - there’s a whole different culture and tradition that influences the language, and vice versa. Plus, his videos are hilarious. I like both his blogs: http://www.fluentin3months.com/ and http://www.irishpolyglot.com.

Thanks for the votes on my blog! :slight_smile: You’ll be glad to hear that I’m using LingQ, enjoying it and will be reviewing it on my site very soon. Despite disagreements I’ve had with Steve on learning philosophies, I really enjoy the interface for reading, and see the community is active here, so it’s definitely worth recommending (although I will state a few points I disagree with, most of the review will be positive).

I’d recommend the following blogs:
ielanguages.com blog - Learn languages online for free (Some great observations, especially on French)
http://www.fluenteveryyear.com/ (title sounds like mine but he actually discusses the details of specific languages, mostly Italian)

Other ones I’d recommend are in the Top 100 blogs list linked above.

Benny joined! Oh la la.