What are the benefits of writing in your TL?

I was wondering what the benefits of writing in your TL are. And more importantly for languages with a completly different alphabet. For example arabic, japanese, chinese, etc.
i am very interested to hear your opinions and also your experiences.

I find writing can assist with retention of vocabulary. The process of writing the word helps me remember!

I will also listen to the mini stories and write what I hear. It is slowly helping with my listening comprehension.

It is improving…although slowly!


It’s a great way to “output”. So much of what we do, especially on Lingq, is input. Ultimately though, we want to reproduce the language ourselves and writing is a great way to do it.

It’s good, especially at the start, where you’re trying to just figure out how to say things. You can attempt to write them. If you get stuck you can look up how you might say what you want to say using deepl, chatgpt, etc. So you are under very little pressure to produce, unlike in a speaking situation where everything you know, all of a sudden disappears.

I think it helps as well, to start thinking in a different way about how YOU, at your stage of learning, can say what you want to say, without being a word for word translation. Maybe you don’t know the word for “airplane”. But you may know “flying” “thing”. Or maybe “thing” that “flies”, “in the sky”. Airplane is a simple word so most probably know it pretty early on, so it’s just an example. However, you have to use what you have in you currently. You will be able to say more, as you want to say it with time, but you will likely never get to the level of skill and vocabulary of your own native language and you will also never be able to use all the vocabulary you know from input.

Writing can also help you to learn words as TinyBey points out. You will be learning them via input, because you’ll have to look up certain words you may want to try and write, or you’re sick of using the same word 50 times in the same writing or subsequent writings. So you may start to try and learn synonyms or other ways you can say something. Writing is a great way to learn and test these things out. Plus the act of writing something, I think does help with learning the words.


I use to try words and expressions I have just learned or I want to review. Those are corrected by my teacher. So it’s a great way to verify their usage. Sometime also my teacher reaction is interessting as she will something see in my sentence as I haven’t pay attention to. So it leads to good explanation about something I did not realized was wrong. As TinyBey is saying, it’s a good way to memorize things : you write them down.

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