What are Open Exchange Requests about?

Hello LingQers!

I randomly started getting the Open Exchange Request emails, and I was wondering what they were about?

I haven’t been on LingQ for awhile and I’m trying to get back into it.

Could anybody fill me in on what they are? And if I can make them as well?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Happy LingQing~

So nice to see you back!

Somewhere you must have ticked that you want to receive notification of requests in the language(s) of your choice.

The rigid point structure which is used for ‘official’ LingQ tutoring and corrections does not apply to the Exchange. Here we put in requests for corrections, recordings, evaluation and declare how many points in total we can pay.

Anybody can take part. Whenever I put in a request I also state that I will only choose, say, three corrections so that the number of points doesn’t have to be spread across too many people.

Welcome back!

Additionaly to Sanne’s advice I would add that you only accept corrections by native speakers.

I for myself answer to personal (private) requests only, because corrections are quite time consuming. I don’t like doing the work someone else has done.

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Sanne and Vera, Good to hear from you again :slight_smile:

Thank you for your responses. I will try it out once I get going again.

German is still on the list, and I occasionally read a few bits here and there, but I’m afraid I need to get LingQing again to refresh my memory and learn more :slight_smile:

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