What are "Friends" for?

Apart from enjoying learning here, I have also got to know my computer a bit better (if I tell you that I learnt writing on a slate, you’ll appreciate my progress). What is the purpose of the Friends’ function? I like being invited but am not quite sure about conventions.

I think it’s sort of the beginnings of the community they’re trying to build here. If you’ve ever used something like myspace or facebook you’ll get the basic idea. I think the profile page is more or less in its infancy while they focus on the language learning material and fuctions.

Just give us a little time. Meanwhile,

You can write on your friends’ walls.
Make your tutors your friends so that you can communicate with them, ask them to create discussions at convenient times for you, or other requests.
You can see your friends blogs
You see and can follow your friends’ activities on the Community page.
Friends can see your email address or skype address if you want to contact them.( If you allow that in your Settings). This way you can more easily contact them.

But more is on the way.

You can invite friends to join a group conversation with you so they and you know at least one other participant. Some of our students prefer to hunt in packs, so to speak :wink: