What are active lingqs?

What are active lingqs?

I believe the active LingQs are the 25 top priority LingQs you have saved, those that the system regards as most important (based on your lessons).

Actually, active LingQs are the LingQs in your account. It would probably be enough for us to call them “LingQs” :-). Your number of Active LingQs is what we limit to 300 for Free accounts.

In one language only I presume, I have more than 300 lingQs in total

No, in total, but the restriction mechanism seems to be broken. I’ll add it to the list!

Mark, could you wait with it till Tuesday. I wouldn’t want to lose my lingqs :wink:

What’s so special about Tuesday?..I can’t say when it will be done but nothing will be lost as long as you upgrade. :wink:

the point is I will probably not be able to upgrade before Tuesday :frowning: