What an abysmal way to treat your ex* customers

I wanted to downgrade my premium plan to free, instead my perspective on this site has entirely changed.
First of all, I had to go through 4 pages of “are you sure you want to cancel with us” but on top of that it deletes your data? Are you kidding me? I have never ever seen a site do such scummy practices that is so well praised and received. I have to pay at minimum £2 / month to hold a bunch of text files that stores my word data? On top of that, the very last insulting thing it told me was that I needed to delete my imported data before I could even cancel it after going through all this.
This site has honestly left a really bad impression on me. And I am really disappointed in Steve for approving on these business practices. Paid £12/month, the least you can do is store my data for when I might re-subscribe.