What about my lecture? i hope to point out my mistake

After the entrance exams for postgraduate I returned to my hometown to relax myself. My elder brother went to the bus stop to receive me. On the way back to home he asked me some simple question about Nanjing. I talked with him happily. I was the second postgraduate in my village. When we nearly got home he sadly told me that our mother had suffered from hemiplegia [,hemi’pli:dʒiə] one month in advance. All of a sudden, without speaking any word I became totally silent. My heart anguished within me. Subsequently he explained to me that it happened about one month before I took the second round exam. My mother insisted that the others in our family not tell me the truth lest that it delay my study. A moment later I was brought to the reality. Seeing my mother sitting in the chair in front of the gate of the yard I almost shed tears from my eyes. With a smile on her face she told me that she was ok. But I controlled myself in order for my mother not to see that. Those days I felt very upset. It was so unlucky for me and my family. Last time when my mother was hospitalized I nearly was not by her side. I do so little to my mother. But seeing my mother I said to myself. Never give up. Otherwise what I had done in the year past would become meaningless. It was a way for me to thank my mother and my family. Gratitude to them helped me to get through the suffering.
For ourselves we should be grateful. Most of us take life as granted. Not talking about anything else we have the opportunity to live in the world. Shouldn’t we be thanksgiving to the world? From primary school to high school I almost always was a common student without winning any rewards. I failed in the entrance exam for college for the first time. However, I persist in studying for another year to achieve my college life dream. The experience during the year would not be forgotten all my life. First in the classroom and last leave it. Eat the meals on the way from dinning hall to the classroom only to save a few minutes. My success in the exam made lots of classmates and teachers feel very surprised at that time. No pain, no gain. After that whenever I meet any kind of difficultiy I will call back those days. Then I will be filled with confidence. Take the road of life as 1500 meters. if you gave up at the last 100 meters, ultimately,1400 meters before that will not work out at last.
For our parents we should be grateful. They gave us lives and their love and educated us. From a baby to a college student they poured all they could to us. So when we feel we have no help in future think that they always regard us as their hope. So go on and don’t lose the courage and confidence. Considering what the parents have done for us we should lay the responsibilities. Whenever I lose my way in my life the belief and encouragement from them will give me the right direction. It is not just a kind of reward. It is also our reponsiblity.
For our friends and those who took care of us we should be grateful. There’s an old Chinese saying: The favor of a drop of water must be rewarded with the gratitude of a fountain of water.Even they don’t ask any reward. We should remember their help forever. At the same we should pass the love to anyone who falls on the bad setback. It need everyone’s effort to make a much warmer word. When you give a hand to those who meet difficulties you not only help the needy but also you do something to love relay.
Thanksgiving is not just one word. It needs everyone to express gratitude. Not saying that our capabilities are so tiny that we can’t change the whole world. You are dancing alone on the stage. Even If you are alone on the stage stick to it. For your aundience, your parents, your lovers and your friends.

why anyone reply me ?
i am so dispointed.

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What do you expect loneba?

Have you been contributing to LingQ for a while? Have you given to this community? Have you contributed your ideas here? Have you helped people with their Chinese here? Have you even started using the free functions at LingQ for your own studies?

You just arrive here and expect that people will read through your long message and point out your mistakes?

Perhaps someone will, but I think it is unlikely.

I agree with Steve.

This open forum is not thought for correcting mistakes. Is is thought for coming in contact with others for changing experience and so on.
We have a CHAT too where you can bring your ideas for different things.
But as first bringing a so long artikel with request to correct mistakes is a bit too much.

I think when you are a member of LingQ a bit longer and you do know us better you can understand that the most of us are really helpful, eventually not in this way you asked for :slight_smile:

i am sorry. i just don’t know how i can here. it was built to help those who face some difficuty,wasn’t it? then when i got in trouble why couldn’t i get help? i just just tried getting some help. if i have the ability and meet those who fall in trouble i will try my best to help them.
on the other hand, why the article i sent last time was deleted? just because the website was added?

No, loneba, the site was not built to help people in trouble. It is a community and a learning platform for language learners.

Hi loneba,

if you have trouble with an expression or a word or phrase, please bring this in a short form (!) in the area “Ask the tutor”.
This area is thought at first for paying members, to get answers from a tutor very fast.

But often, I will say most, other members help too. It is really better to bring a short part where you have problems and not ask for a long writing how you did before. It is easier to help for volunteers that we most are.

If you want to have correction ion a longer writing, please bring this in “Writing”, you will receive a very good correction with a lot of explanationsd. But there you have to pay for.

Remember, with a BASIC membership you have a price reduction for the points you need for Writing and Speaking!

I hope I could help you for better understanding what we can do here. I am a learner in English how you are!

This business of learning and giving back to the community has set me thinking. My English is more than fluent, but I am not a native speaker; my German is that of an educated speaker who left nearly 40 years ago (ie. it sounds quaint these days). I have no ideas about computers and at the moment am only a Basic member - the least I can for the amazing opportunities offered here. As far as usefulness is concerned, I seem to be neither fish nor fowl. How could I contribute? Would it help if I pointed out some typically German/English false friends when I come across them in someone’s writing in the forum? For example, our extremely useful “eventuell” is not “eventually” but “possibly, perhaps”. This could perhaps be one way where I can be more use than ornament. The tutors, on the other hand, may prefer to do the tutoring at a more appropriate opportunity rather than in the open forum. I don;t want to step on anybody’s toes. What is the general take on this?