What a guy! Talk about being determined . .

Here is a link to an article giving the background to “Revision App”. That guy knows what he wants.

Does anyone here actually use the app?

I did not know what revision notes are. Students participate in their classes and take notes. The notes are published, perhaps without any permission of the teachers, in order to be used by other students.

Who knows how many of your very own wise words have been shared by your students without your knowledge - they might even be found on the Japanese version of Revision Notes!

“Revision or revising, a British term for exam preparation”(Wikipedia )
I do not know why ‘revision’ means ‘exam preparation.’ It is not related to Eduard Bernstein’s reformist theory or something, is it?

“to revise” = “to see again”. I shall clearly have to revise (or even study) certain theories.

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‘Re’ means again, and ‘vise’ is related to vision. Right?

Yes, from Latin, via French.