What a Baby Taught Me About Language Partners

When we were babies, we most likely had at least one language motivational partner that inspired and encouraged us to grow in our first language. When we are babies in speaking ability in our second language, isn’t it helpful to have a language motivational partner as well? With the internet, we have the ability to create a supportive peer group to help us complete our first thousand hours of our language learning marathon.

My language motivational partner has really helped me in learning more Spanish.

You can hear more of my thoughts on this concept here: What a Baby Taught Me About Language Partners - YouTube


My favourite part is when you’re running and the voiceover says, “Don’t give up on your language learning!” :grin::tada:

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Awesome Ozemite!

Honestly, I thought that would be probably one of the most important parts of my videos, and I’m glad you think so, too! :slight_smile: We need to hear those words on our language learning marathon over and over and over again, I believe!

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