"...we're borne to acquire language that's the way our brains are"

“…I wasn’t until Steve got me involved so it’s great”.

Thanks. It’s always a pleasure to listen to Dr. Krashen.

You’re welcome! I totally agree with you.

Great interview. I love how Olly repeatedly brings up a link between music and language, only to have Krashen slap the idea down. Brings a bit of hope to those of us who can’t carry a tune.

Had to check the verb “to slap”, now i got what you mean. You’re right.

I haven’t watched the interview, but I will just for this. lol

Music is poetry, poetry is language, language is well, language. So of course there is going to be a relation, because music is a way of expressing language and we have ears!

That was a typing mistake, I’m very sorry. I meant to say slap the idea down, which is a variation of the idiom “to slap somebody(thing) down”. Krashen is saying that music doesn’t have a lot of importance in language learning, in his opinion. I’m personally not very good at playing music or singing, so it makes me feel better :wink: