Welsh Content?

I began learning Welsh about a week ago and I’m having trouble finding music and free TV. (I live in America)
Could someone please recommend some music, or share some sources for TV? I would really appreciate it.

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I live in the UK. I’ve never heard Welsh music so it’s probably hard to find. My guess would be if it’s available it’s likely to be only folk music.

Do you have a VPN? S4C is I think the only Welsh TV channel. It’s available on BBC iPlayer although they’re quite good at blocking VPNs, but they have their own site S4C Clic where you’d probably have more success and post some of their shows on Youtube. I think they have English subtitles on all of it and Welsh subtitles on some.

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Hi there, type in easy welsh on youtube some videos on there. TV is quite scarce even in the UK.

This YouTube playlist has many Welsh songs, some with the Welsh text shown in the video or in the description. A few have English translation. Some are just English. I haven’t noticed any with the SRT-type subtitles, though.