Weird error you might want to investigate

I’m using LingQ on a Chromebook, so this might be related to that but I thought you might want to take a look at this strange behaviour

I’m on this page

(word/959) is ‘fort’

The first phrase in the lesson is repeated 2 times, if I try to link the expression ‘fort charge’ it is selected in both, then the page just quits working, I can’t see the translation, I can’t select or LingQ any words (when I try I see the url change at the top of the page for the word number, but nothing is selected or looked up)

I can’t advance or go back a page in the lesson, when I click the left or right arrow the url says ‘help’
but nothing happens.

I was able to get by the page by restarting LingQ and just going to the next page from this one without selecting anything, so I"m not blocked, but I thought you might like to investigate if you can reproduce the problem.


Hi Catherine,
Strange, I can’t reproduce that. Tried on both Chrome and Firefox and everything seems fine. It could be related to Chromebook only, so let us know if you experience the same problem again in any other lesson.