Weird entry displayed under my profile

On the page, where others can see my profile I have an entry on a comment some blog made on my blog. It says, that I created this entry at ten PM yesterday, which I did not! I cannot modify this entry, following the link brings me to my blog. If I try to delete this post, it asks me if I would like to delete the lesson. I do not know anything about a lesson, I did not make a lesson on the basis of my blog, I did not write this post or the comment, I do not even know how to do that!

I do not know what to do with it, is it safe to say yes to deleting the lesson?
Please help…

Hi Safran! I think this "do you want to delete the lesson is a translation error - it should read comment. I’ve reported it some time ago when I first came across it.

I clicked ‘yes’ and the comment was deleted (the comment in in my case came from one of those delightful lady spammers).

I’ve came accross this translation 2 or 3 days too, and I did some changes in the translation tool but I don’t know when they will add the updates to LingQ.

Additionaly I found some weird translations, and Alex explained to me that their new translation tool makes some unwanted automatical translations. These automatical translations are horrible and I try to sort them out but it is very annoying and frustrating.

Safran, if you see weird GERMAN translations please write in German in the German forum. It is easiser to discuss it there in German, don’t you think so?

The other point you made that there were a post that you haven’t created on your profile. Others can write on your wall too (what you see on your profile page) but then it is very clear that not you have written this.

In the moment, the best solution is to switch the interface language to English in the Settings.

Thanks for your answers, I realised it was really just a translation error, because I changed another comment and the same thing happened. I thought I was already using the English interface, because this message was entirely in English, now I realized, this must be some error too. I could comment on this one in the German forum, but I myself will change the interface to English, because that is easier, you are right.

And the post was displayed as written by me, that was what made me wonder, because at this date and time I am sure I was busy on skype, and I was not working on my blog that day. But this must be a display error too I guess. Nevertheless, I deleted it, it is gone for good, no harm done. Thanks to you all.

I wanted to write a post on the wrong translations, but I just noticed that now, as I have changed my display to English I receive some of the options in Turkish. This seems to be a general problem, and thus I think it won’t be useful to write any reports in other languages, as long as even English has it’s problems. I would get along with the Turkish display, but unfortunately some of the entries for filtering appear twice! At least it is good practice :wink:

@all - We are working through the remaining translation issues and hope to have this all corrected very soon.