Weird Coin Duplicator

I noticed that if you take a word you already know and put it all the way back to the 1 status, it will subtract 12 coins. If you put it back up to the checkmark status it will give you 16 coins. Coin duplicator. Cool feature.

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I repeated but was unable to verify your finding. It probably got fixed when you posted this thread.

You and I are honest. As was Abraham Lincoln: “When Abraham Lincoln was working as a clerk in a store in New Salem, he once took 6 1/4 cents too much from a customer. That night when the store closed, he walked three miles to return the woman’s money.”

~Abraham Lincoln Research Site, Abraham Lincoln Personal Data and Trivia

But there’s someone who wants to build a concrete wall across America’s southern border.

I am afraid that if this glitch had not been repaired, and this person heard about how easy it is to pick up coins on this site, LingQ would be paying for the wall, not Mexico.

I could not reproduce this trick.

I could not do it on the computer only on the iPhone

Thanks! We’ll get that fixed!