Weird bug while editing a Catalan lesson

Hi, just now I was editing the text of a downloaded Catalan video and there are for or five English words in that text. And while I was editing a sentence where the English words were included suddenly a few words transformed into the German translation in the Catalan sentence!? And everytime I tried to rewrite the English words thet just transformed into somethine else again…
So I left the edit section and went back to the lesson and the text was just a mess with German and Catalan words mixed. Back in the editing space the text looked normal again, but I still have the problem with words randomly changing.
AND the interface in the edit section was in German. But the interface everywhere else is in English!
I am completely confused!

So, 30 minutes later I went back to the lesson. And there was no problem at all. It felt like someone made fun of me remotely while I was editing the lesson.

Ha! Very strange. We will look into it, but please make sure to let me know if you notice the same issue again. Glad to hear it works properly now.