Weird behavior when selecting more than one word

When i select more than one word, by clicking and dragging, to see the meaning of the phrase, and then proceed to click in other word, the words that i selected before just disappear from the text and is replaced with a repetition of other phrase of the text.

I tested it with the google chrome and the same thing occurs

Weird, I can’t reproduce the problem. Tested with Chrome, Edge and Firefox. That never happens for me.
Does it still happen on your end?

it is not happening anymore, i thought you had fixed it. Maybe it was just with that lesson.
I don’t have that lesson anymore to make the test.

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I am posting in weird behavior because my experience today was upon selecting a word, using my touch pad mouse, my text suddenly expanded into a very large font, and after managing to make the reader show the normal font with the minus sign, I found that the reader had pushed me back to the beginning of the lesson, and gave me credit for having read the balance which I had not. Now I have to find my place again, and my stats will be further screwed up for every time I page forward to find my place I will be counted as read! I am using google chrome on the website.

@JanVanderdam Did that happened once, or did you noticed the same problem multiple times so far?

Actually, Since the 5.0 launch it has happened many times! Yesterday, I switched to using my MacBook to access lingQ, and had a very good session without issues. When I went back to my PC in the afternoon I had trouble again with the font size and the reader jumping to the end of the lesson and starting me over. Frankly, I am giving up with using the PC and will stick to the Mac for now. I have been very frustrated with the PC interface and was almost ready to give up on Lingq completely and I don’t give up easily.