Weekly reports

The second week I receive weekly reports. Three weekly reports.
Well, at my profile I see that I have activity scores at three languages. So, the number of weekly reports is correct.
But I am active in

  • Japanese
  • English
  • Russian
    and receive weekly reports for … Portuguese, German and Italian. All three reports have a title … “LingQ Weekly Report - French”

O! Now I received the 4th weekly report. For Spanish titled as French

D’oh! I selected all the reports I wanted to receive, but didn’t notice that I had also checked “don’t receive any e-mails from LingQ”. No wonder I haven’t had any reports yet :wink:

Sorry about the weekly reports. We will get these things fixed by next week’s report. We appreciate your patience.

I’ll wait and see, but I haven’t received any so far.

I received three weekly reports this week however all of the emails were empty.

You mean the emails were completely blank? Which email program do you use? Did anyone else have that problem?

Hurray! I received all requested weekly reports!
(Although I am quite disappointed, as they say that 1/3 of this week activities was posting discussions in Russian and one more 1/3 was posting comments on others walls… I almost did not use LingQ as a learner this week…)

I use safari, and three reports with no contents, ie completely blank.However my mail pulls the email down from gmail.Perhaps there is a problem with that however all other mail appears normal.

Ok the weekly reports are fine on the google server so somehow the contents get lost when they download to my computers mail programme. If any one has any ideas why that might be and how to stop it, I am all ears. But this is clearly not LingQ´s fault.

@smeeeth - Which mail program are you using on your computer? You may have to enable images from support@lingq.com.

I received 3 wekly reports on March 20, my first ever. No weekly reports before that and none for the last week. Does ‘weekly’ mean every week or is it just ‘from time to time’? They looked alright, though. They contained information about my weekly progress, activity and recent lessons plus the badge. I use IE8 and Windows Live Mail.

@alleray - You should receive the reports every week on Saturday. Let us know if you don’t get them this Saturday.

I didn’t get my weekly reports on Saturday April 3. After reading about a possible problem with a second account I checked the box “don’t receive any e-mails from LingQ” for that account. I have requested reports for Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Swedish. I do get Lings of the Day regularly though.

I got mine this weekend. For what it’s worth, I never got any until I unchecked the box, and then checked it again. Maybe there was some technical issues before.

@alleray - have you checked your spam folder?

I got one weekly report for Spanish, my least active language at the moment, showing all other activities and most recently read Spanish texts on April 10. For Russian, Chinese and Swedish I got the reports on March 20, but none since. Nothing in my spam folder though :frowning: Hopefully I’ll get those next Saturday again. I’ll try what Jeff did.

That is very strange. Please do try what Jeff suggests and let us know what happens. All we can see is that 150000 odd reports were sent out and everything is working perfectly for me. :frowning: