Website update

Hello! I do not know if other users are having the same problems as I have, but since the website has been updated, I am having troubles in using it.
I find it less clear than before, I have difficulties in finding the lessons and practising. I find everything much more confusing.
I tried to read the explanations given but, maybe, my English is not good enough and perhaps I do not understand everything properly.

I am not glad about this because I like this way to learn languages, Anyway, I will be continuing to study and practice the better I can.

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The site looks good and it is possible to use it now. But it was more comfortable and easy for me.
The simple actions need more clicks now. The Learn page with these big icons looks fine but is almost useless because I read not the whole couse but single lessons, sometimes from different courses.
Usually I listen some lessons of a cource one by one and I prefer to increase the ‘listened’ count for each of them. I need to open one of the lessons, go to the ‘i’ tab where it is possible to open a course. Sometimes the lessons are sorted by roses and I need to sort them by ‘1,2,3’. It took much less clicks before.
And it seems to me the users give less roses to lessons now because the button is hidden in the last lesson’s tab.

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@Ling65 - Would you be able to let us know what in particular you’re having trouble with?

You can access all your lessons in the My Lessons section (Learn > My Lessons), and you can access all the new lessons in the Library (Learn > Library). The Learn page itself has been updated, and now shows you your recently active courses. You can also add new courses directly from the Learn page by clicking on the “+ New Course” button at the top.

The reason behind the changes was that we wanted to simplify the interface and make it easier for new users to navigate. We hope these changes will continue to allow us to attract new learners and help more people learn through LingQ!

@Ress - Our previous focus was on individual lessons, but we’ve found that most of the learners on the site actually study courses, and typically from start to finish. By focusing on lessons, we found that quite a few learners were confused and didn’t know how to continue. As we shift the focus to courses as a unit, we hope to address this issue and make the site easier to use for more people. That being said, you can still access your 3 most recently opened lessons in the Tasks dropdown, and if you go to the My Lessons page you’ll be able to organize your lessons based on which were last opened. The sort you select here should automatically be saved.

Regarding the rose, we’ll take a look and see what we can do here!

@alex, as I told it is possible to use LingQ, but it was a little bit better for me personally. Maybe due to some my personal habits.

Ress wrote: "The simple actions need more clicks now. " I agree.

@Alex: What annoys me every time when I study a lesson is that I don’t have the option in my settings which opens the dictionary of my choise without clicking on “Search dictionary”. When I came to LingQ the dictionary opened automatically. This was so convenient. I never rely on other people’s hints. I always look up words in the dictionary. An option in the setting which let users choose “open user hints” or “Search dictionary” would be perfect to fit both kinds of users: The lazy ones relying on existing user hints, accepting that they are maybe wrong, and the users which love to check things and to get to the bottom of things.