Good morning! Is it possible to pay for a month membership using WebMoney? Credit cards are not vastly spread in Russia

@couch_potato - Sure, here is the information related to paying via WebMoney:

To pay for membership through WebMoney Transfer, send WMZ $60 to purse No. Z147225486573. This is LingQ’s account on WebMoney Transfer. To make the payment, start WM Keeper and right-click on the purse you want to transfer funds from, in the context menu choose “Send WM” → “To a WebMoney purse”. In the dialog box enter the amount the amount to pay and our purse number, and in the comment field write: Payment of order LQ-101.

Code-protected transfers are not accepted. Your payment will be processed within 12 hours and your account will be updated. Our WebMoney ID is 493341889657.

why 60$? I need membership only for a month

Credit cards are not vastly spread in Russia
May use not only a credit card.
May pay by debit card too.
It may is given in any bank.
There are many other ways to get a card also.

Alex, is there a possibility to pay for membership using points?

@Gintaras - Yes, just email us at support and tell us which membership you would like and for how long, 6 or 12 months. We will perform the transaction manually.

Hi Mark,
the question is, that one guy asks me if he could pay me, so I could buy membership for him. I thought I could buy points and give them to him, so he could buy membership. Is that OK, if I suggest such deal to that guy?

Hi Gintaras,

Yes, that’s fine. He just needs to contact support when he has the points.

@couch_potato - When purchasing a one-time membership, the shortest duration we offer is 6-months. For a monthly membership you will need to sign up for a recurring monthly membership.

OK, thanks :slight_smile:

I forgot one more thing. He asks if he can use my coupon?

how shold I do that?

@couch_potato - My apologies. I see in your original post you were just looking for a single month membership. Through WebMoney you can purchase 6 or 12-month memberships, but monthly recurring memberships cannot be paid for with WebMoney. Instead you will either need to use a credit card or PayPal and pay through the Account page.

@Gintaras - You or your friend will have to email all details of this transaction including coupon number to support and then we will have to look into it.
@couch_potato - To pay with Webmoney you will have to follow the instructions posted above. To pay for a monthly recurring payment you can’t use Webmoney but need a credit card or Paypal account.

Thanks, Mark.