Webinar Feedback

I enjoyed the webinar, thank you. I learned German 50 years ago. And I’ve been using the platform mostly as a reader with a built-in dictionary for a year or two. It’s fun to read in my second language and also keeps the vocab fresh.

But I never took the time to explore navigating around all the tools. So this was quite useful. I.e., didn’t know there was a Chrome extension. Learned how to organize content. Etc.

As for recommendations, maybe you convert the instructional webinar concept into short permanent YouTube videos like:
How to Import
How to organize content
Phrases and what to do with them
Most of us learn such stuff a lot faster seeing how it’s done. And then just like language, as we forget, we could go back and review.

My only other thought is this. I’m 70, retired, and could easily join you this morning. My son-in-law {who introduced me to LingQ) has to work in order to support my 5 grandkids. And I totally support him in that. You might get a larger (or different) audience for your next webinar if you held it in the evening.

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