Web site unknown for me!

I would like to visit the podcast author’s website, “the great British donkey race”, or “are you worth it”, etc., but I do not know how to do it.
Can someone help me?
Thank you

sorry, I don’t understand

You can send us link to a course you are reffering to to support(at)lingq.com, and I will try to find you a website link.

These are a lessons from Peter Carter’s great “Listen to English” podcast. Unfortunately he stopped this podcast last year, but he gave me permission to share the lessons on LingQ. So you cannot find them on the web anylonger, but you can study them on LingQ. I’ve still some lessons not shared, but I’ll add more from time to time. As soon as I got knowledge from the end of this podcast I’ve downloaded all episodes that I’hadn’t downloaded yet.