(web client) Disappearing "Translation" panel after clicking a word - very irritating!

The behavior I’m going to describe is super irritating and really driving me nuts.

  1. I open a lesson and start reading. In the right panel, the “Quick start guide” is shown.
  2. At a certain moment I open the lesson translation in the right panel. To do this, I have to click the mouse twice, since the “Translation” is in the dropdown menu.
  3. Then I click a word. The panel changes to the word translation panel.
  4. I click elsewhere in the text. In this moment, I expect the “Translation” panel from step 2) to be restored, but no — the “Quick start guide” (which is utterly useless for anyone already acquainted with LingQ) is shown, and I have to click twice again to get back to Translation panel. The whole rigmarole repeats every single time I click a word from the text.

If you click on a word, you see the blue translation panel or yellow LingQ panel. If you click away, the word is unselected and therefore, no translation information is shown. I’m not sure what else you expect us to do but it should be easy enough to only click on the words you want to see.

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I think from my post you have confused the lesson translation panel with the word translation panel. This may be my fault, since the wording was ambiguous.

The right panel corresponds to the context of the current action. User actions can be nested (a stack). Exiting the current action should restore the context of the previous action.

In my scenario, I want to study the text, having its translation in the right panel most of the time. Only when I want to work with the specific word, this panel is temporarily used to show the word translation.

Let me show what I mean with screenshots.

  1. I open the lesson.
  2. I open the lesson translation. Screenshot by Lightshot Screenshot by Lightshot
  3. I click a certain word and its translation is shown. Screenshot by Lightshot
  4. I’m done with the word. I click away, the word is unselected and in the right panel I expect to see what was in it before step 3 (namely, the lesson translation). But instead, I see the useless default panel I never requested to show: Screenshot by Lightshot
  5. To get back to see my Lesson translation, I have to click the mouse twice again (go to step 2). This is what’s irritating, since there are lots of words in the text which I work with.
    EDIT: One more nuisance is that the dropdown menu triangle icon is tiny, so one has to position the mouse cursor precisely over it to be able to click it.

Ahh…I understand now. When you click on a word and want to go back to the Translation, don’t click away, just click on Translation. Your last viewed option in that dropdown, Translation, is remembered so it should just be one click to get it back. I do agree that the dropdown arrow could be bigger.

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Thank you very much, that really helped!
[I still have to move my mouse pointer to the button in order to press it, but that’s really easier than what I did.]

It’s great that you raised this question, I am very glad that you remembered this, thank you very much! It was interesting to me too. Thanks!