We want more tutors at LingQ!

Tutor at LingQ and earn points!

We would like to see many more tutors and discussions in all languages. It is not difficult to do. You will meet interesting people and help pay for your studies at LingQ.

Please email me at steve(at)lingq.com. I will send you more information and then we can talk about it on Skype.

Don’t hesitate. Just drop me an email.

I should make it clear that we are only looking for people to host discussions. This can be as often as you have time for. Once a week is fine, even once every two weeks is fine. Of course, the more often, the better!

Hello friends. We are still waiting to hear from those of you who want to tutor and host discussions at LingQ. You can earn 2000 points an hour. If you use the points on the site you keep them all. If you choose to convert to cash, LingQ takes a fee. So please email me or skype me at lingosteve.

Steve, you a little wrong. It’s not 2000 points an hour :wink: Or did I have wrong information :wink:

Hi Steve,

Could you please give more details of „host discussions at LingQ”


Hi Steve,

I’d like to tutor as I’ve said before. But, I’ll need more details as well, as I always get confused when it concerns practical things :S

I will email junair and sacadura and then we can discuss further on skype.

I just spoke with a learner in Spain who needs English discussions during the European evening time slot during the week.


We are moving to a system where those people who choose to keep their points earned as tutors, will keep all the points, whereas LingQ will take a fee only if the points are cashed in for money. Mark has told me that I was premature in mentioning it because the administrative system is not yet in place.

For the time being it is 1500 points per hour whether you keep the points or cash them in. This will change but I cannot say when. I apologize for the confusion.

On the other hand I am keen to move to the new system. The problem is that our tutors submit their invoices in different ways which causes confusion and a lot of work here. If we change what we are doing now before we have a way to automatically credit tutors with points, we will cause a lot more work for our limited staff. If we can resolve this without involving the programmers, we can change more quickly, otherwise we will have to wait. I will be looking into it.

For the time being you are right. I stand corrected. I am sorry for the confusion.

Sacadura, Junair and others.

Here is a link to a short tutors’ manual for LingQ. Please read it. If you are interested please contact me. You can skype me any time you see me online. skypename lingosteve


If there are any gaps in the url you will have to remove them for the link to work.

No problem, Steve.
I think it would be very helpful for your staff if you can do it automatically.


As I mentioned before, I do want to be a tutor for Dutch when it is available here at Lingq. My Dutch is pretty good, so that won’t be a problem.
You can always contact me when Dutch is available (if you still need tutors, of course).
I have another question: If you are a tutor, do you still need to pay for your account? Can you pay by ‘being a tutor’? That would be interesting.
When will you move on to the new system? Is there a deadline?



Thanks for offering to tutor in Dutch and I do not want to promise when we will have new languages at LingQ.

In the new system we will still ask all members to pay their $10 per month. Unfortunately we are in a position where we have to cover our costs. However, all additional tutoring services in any language will be payable with earned points.

I am reluctant to get into too much detail until we set up the new system.

My last comment may have been misleading.

When we change the system, hopefully in a few days, people will continue to be able to use, and download all the content, and use most of the functionality of LingQ free of charge, and participate in the community, all free of charge.

However, to become a member who has points to spend on tutoring services will require paying the minimum $10 per month. All additional points needed for discussions or writing correction or for courses, can be earned through tutoring services. This will all be clearer once the change happens.

We will be implementing a saved LingQs restriction of 400. This will replace the restriction on Content Items in the WorkDesk. In other words, anyone who wants to save more than 400 LingQs will either have to pay $10 a month or delete saved LingQs.

At least to start with this $10 will not be payable with earned points, but would require payment. Points earned through tutoring will be redeemable for money.

Thank you for pointing that out. I was a little confused. Now it is clearer.

Thanks from my site too, its really clearer now.
“earning points would require payment”
It is a faire decision!

Hi Steve. If your looking for tutors, I can help teach English, possibly Spanish. I’m an American, so English is my native language and isn’t a problem at all. I’ve studied Spanish for five years, and could help out with it. The tutoring would also help me out with catching up on my lost time with it. I plan on furthering my linguistics skills as I go through college as I have a fairly big interest in languages. I recently had someone email me from India asking me to help them better their English, and I seem to think I could be fit for that job. So if your interested, let me know.

I can tutor english… with an australian accent, although I have a pseudo-american accent on stand-by if it is hard to understand. I think it’s more of a filipino accent but the filipino accent is quite similar to the american accent.

Thanks for the offer Matt and Roy. We would be happy to have you both as tutors. We will contact you separately by email with more details. Roy, I’m sure you’ll have some takers for your Australian accent. I’m not so sure about the filipino accent :-)…which, by the way, is nothing like an American accent! Or, is it just me?

hahaha I’m not so sure now. It is definitely different but it’s similar as the vowels are elongated and each syllable is enunciated - so I’m guessing it comes across as being a lot more legible.

I have heard that a lot more call centers are springing up there as opposed to India as people find the accent easier to understand as it is closer to the american accent.