We need your hlep to fix up the Library

We need your hlep to fix up the Library.

For the Library to work well we need the difficulty levels and categories to be correct. This is often not the case. If we all share the work we can fix this problem quickly.

I note that in Russian, and I believe in Japanese, we need to go in and set the difficulty level and make sure that the categories are appropriate. The same may be the case in other languages.

Anyone who is prepared to do this in their native language or in a language they are studying, please volunteer, right here.

We will give you Editor access, and then we can share out the work.

Many thanks.

I wouldn’t mind helping with French. I could go through and categorise content based on how difficult and length it is.

Thanks Peter, we will get back to you.

The following people are now empowered to edit the Library.

Margopel:French and Spanish,
DavidMartin: German, Spanish, Portuguese, English
Peterlaunonen: French and English.

I have started on the Russian which needs a lot of work. Many of the EnglishLIngQ beginner content items are showing up as Intermediate etc.

Please let us know if you see inconsistencies in the search results in the library, and where they are.

I am already an editor in the spanish library, I can help too.

And I’m already an editor of the German library. I worked over a lot of the content that I’ve imported but I haven’t finished it because there are so many items.

In Russian section I’ve just fixed level for all lessons under “Beginner I” and “Beginner II” categories.

I think it would be useful to have a “coordinator” for each language that work isn’t done double.

Thanks Vera.

We need the help of tutors and learners to fix this problem. To me the biggest problem is Beginner content which is somehow being classified as Intermediate. All Beginner content should have the Level Beginner. Our automatic classification system cause problems especially if there are personal names in a short content item with many simple words being used over and over.

With the longer Intermediate and Advanced items there are no major problems and the differences are not so obvious anyway. If we could just fix up the beginner items that would help.

I hope others will volunteer so we can fix this up quickly. Thank you.

I would like to help with Japanese.


You are a phenomenon. You work hard at your IT company. You are learning Swedish. Emma tells me you are doing very well in Japanese. You are my competent Russian tutor sending me detailed reports from every discussion and correcting my writing. You even went in and fixed up the Russian library and now you are volunteering to help with the Japanese…and you are studying the Bashkirian language.

It is said that if you want something done, you ask busy people. I will ask Mark to set you up. Thank you.

@Steve - Where do you go to edit the library?

@peterlaunonen - Just look for the edit button when you open up lessons just as you are able to see the edit button for your imported lessons. You will now see the edit button for all lessons in the language you are an editor for.

@Cakypa - you are now set up as an editor for Japanese

when you open a lesson, usually you see two icons: “download audio” and “print the lesson”. Now you can see the third icon “edit the lesson”.

Tip: After you fixed one lesson in a collection, and there are others lessons in this collection that should be fixed, don’t close import page. Just click on the title of the next lesson at the right panel. As it is quite boring to take every lesson in Library.

Vera, It may be difficult to have a coordinator. Mostly the problem consists of obvious items that were put in as Beginner and our automatic evaluation system put them into intermediate or advanced. If in doubt we should ask on the forum here.

Hi, I shall raise my hand somewhat feebly. I’d love to help but levels and categories are difficult to decide since there are no specific rules.
When I up-load my contents, I use my intuition to sort them out.

I wonder should we have “romaji” and “hiragana” categories for Japanese?
There are “Beginner I” and “Beginner II” categories. But as now we can set a level for every lesson, perhaps it will be better to have “Romaji” and “Hiragana” categories?

Maybe we should get rid of the French category “Easy French” because if the content is easy it’s probably better to categorise it as Beginner 1 or Beginner 2. What do you think?

I now remembered that once Steve or Mark told that they want lessons under “Beginner I” and “Beginner II” categories be similar in all languages. That’s why all other beginner content must be under “Easy ” category.