We need more content

One of the results of our survey is the request for more content, in all languages. So keep it coming.

We especially need beginner content. Make sure you read clearly and slowly when you do beginner content.

I also thought that Rasana’s content on different aspects of Russian usage is an interesting approach. She has created content which features a concentration of certain aspects of Russian usage. Then she created an explanation, again in Russian, for the Forum. In my view, if the explanations are in the target language they can be part of the lesson. It is only if the explanations are in another language that they need to be in the lesson forum.

I appreciate any comments.

Hi Steve,

I’ve added 2 parts of an (approx) 5 or 6 part recording. I have yet to transcript the rest, but I’ve put up the first 2 under English: Life: Jobs, Marriage and Immigration.

As requested, the recordings have Australian accents (and one Singaporean accent). I hope the listeners find the language natural and the content interesting and enjoyable to listen to!


That is great Roy. Let’s keep the content coming in all languages, and at all levels.

I would like to make some content in Dutch, but it hasn’t been released yet!

It would be great to have more Swedish beginner’s content. I thought of adding the FSI Swedish Basic Course, but it ended up being about diplomatic stuff that most learners wouldn’t need. Besides, it wasn’t “natural” content, which would be much better!

I’m about to have a look att Rasana’s lessons and see if I can come up with something like that myself. As for dialogues (basic or “advanced”), I haven’t yet had any success with recording two channels in Skype.

Hi all,
because I was not here a long time, I don’t know what all happened with courses.
I think some of my content would be suitably for courses and I would give these and followings to those tutors who want to have.
Can anyone help what to do that content is available as course?



I’d like to add some content in Arabic, if possible, though it’s not one of the main languages offered here. I help teach it and provide weekly review sessions to college-level students. In fact, one of my students asked me just today about finding some content (such as a podcast) with an Arabic transcript to follow along with, and this made me tell him about LingQ, which I just recently found out about through youtube. I’m wondering if it’d be possible for me to contribute with Arabic content and if someone can direct me to how I can do this. I’d be interested in doing a “Greetings and Goodbyes” translation into Arabic to help people get a beginner’s feel for the language and then move on to more stuff when I can find the time as well as providing many websites and tips from what I have learned in studying the language over the years.

Please let me know if someone is interested in Arabic or this might be a good addition. Thanks!

Thus far, I really like the methodology of this website in teaching languages.


We would love to have Arabic here. In fact we have a few languages “waiting in the wings”. We have been too busy with other issues. I think we are not too far away from opening up the site to more languages. I know that some of our Dutch speakers are preparing content in Dutch, and there are offers of Korean content. If you can work on Arabic that would be great. I do not want to promise but hopefully within a month or two we will add more languages, so if you could prepare some content now that would be great. You will, of course, earn points for your content and for your tutoring activities.

One issue is the direction of the Arabic script. I do not know if that is going to cause us problems but I am sure these can be worked out. I believe there is a lot of interest in Arabic. It has been requested in the past.


That sounds exciting! I will start preparing material in Arabic this week and keep you up to date on my progress.

That would be great. One thing for the Who is She and other beginner material. If you could translate these and find some female voices to help record, that would be excellent. You can change or amend to suit the cultural specifics etc. so that they sound natural in Arabic. The intent is to have a few parallel texts in many languages for our beginners.

Bear in mind that for most languages, and I suspect especially for a language like Arabic, the demand for beginner content is greatest.

I know I have not started this in a while. Well, considering that I’m now doing translation work in Arabic. I’m sure that I haven’t got the slightest accent when I speak in MSA (Modern Standard Arabic), so that was never a problem. Has anyone already started with “Who Is She?” I read your post about Arabic being offered in the next year or something, so I don’t want to duplicate efforts. Translation won’t be a problem at all, and I’ll look into finding female voices. I figure that it’s a good way for me to give back to the LingQ Community.