We need more content creators for the Japanese library!

If you open the Japanese library you will find that only 22 lessons were shared in 2010. And it is the end of April now…
For example in the Russian library 45 lessons were shared only in April.

A lot of Japanese members have English blogs. Why not to write the same in Japanese and share it at LingQ library? Please, help learners of Japanese, create some content.

There are some ideas:

  • kanji collection. One lesson — one kanji. For example, 日: 日本に行きたいです! もう旅行の日取りを決めました。3月18日です!日曜日です。10日間東京に滞在します。So, the idea is to repeat the same kanji with different readings several times. You can create several lessons for the same kanji: for beginners I, II, intermediates.
  • particles collections. Emma-san created such kind of collection, but I still have problems with に and で. And with others particles also. I.e. 母を変愛しています。彼女に恋しました。I am sure you know much more examples, when verbs are synonyms, but different particles are used with them.


For 日 completely forgot about 昨日 & 明日…

“母を変愛しています” It supposed to be 母を大変愛しています :))

I have watched the video. It was very interesting, although I watched it only once and have to admit that I could not understand it all.



Some more ideas

  • record forum posts, LingQCentral blog and LingQwiki articles;
  • Japanese recipes
  • book and films reviews

Perhaps some members could record their blogs in Japanese. Hint. Hint.:slight_smile: