We have great tutors, and they sure help

I am working to increase the number of our tutors, and the number of discussions, in all languages. I have also started using our tutors more for my own language improvement. In particular I have been taking lessons with Tana in Russian, Ana in Portuguese, and now Mariangela in Italian.

These tutors are tremendously conscientious, and encouraging and have helped me greatly. I enjoy the discussions and I read the reports carefully, reviewing the words and phrases that I had trouble with. Then I import it all and save words and phrases to my database.

I am also following up my discussions by submitting writing for correction. I strongly recommend that people who are not using our tutors should start doing so.

I know that tutors in all languages are excellent. I am going to start joining discussions with Vera and Annett in German in preparation for my visit in Germany. I am looking forward.

Again if any of you learners want to get involved in tutoring in your own language, please let me know. Even if the discussions are seldom full these days, we need more discussions, more scheduled events, in order to accommodate different times zones. It is sort of chicken and egg!

I hope more people will sign up for these events. It is really worth it.