We have another error in the Spanish 101 lesson

It’s from the same lesson as my previous post: “Steve’s introduction to LingQ”. In the second paragraph there is the phrase “tienes que escuchar diez o mas veces”. ‘Mas’ of course should be ‘más’, with the accent on the ‘a’.

Hmmm, also I can’t create a lingq with the word ‘mandadas’ in the third to last paragraph and whenever I click it, it increases my new word count by 1.

And the same thing with the word ‘como’ in that paragraph, it is double clicking it that makes the new word count increase and a lingq cannot be created.

Same thing for the word ‘casi’, same paragraph.

Are these words highlighted in blue or non-highlighted for you?

If I double click on a non-highlighted word, that is to say a word that LingQ thinks I know, that will increase the number of unknown words, since the word is no longer known. Once you create a LingQ this number decreases since the word is now a word you are trying to learn, a yellow word.

It all works fine for me, but you have to be a little patient with your clicking.

Or is there some other problem?

In the second to last paragraph we have the same thing with the words ‘escribe’ and ‘todo’.

These words are highlighted and blue, and do not allow me to create lingqs at all. Thanks for the help Steve.

*in blue

very strange. Has anyone else this problem?

I found a workaround, I was using google chrome before, but when I switched my browser to firefox, the problem was solved.

I am unable to reproduce the problem in Chrome. Works fine in both browsers.