Ways to make a lingQ Quickly?

Okay so I am trying to learn how to use the shortcuts. It looks like E will make a lingQ, but it opens the dictionary too. I tried using H to just creat the lingQ but it just leaves the meaning blank.
Is there a way to Select a lingQ without the dictionary opening?
Also, Is there a way we could add a keyboard shortcut to select a certain one on the list instead of just the first translation? I might like the 3rd translation the best, so I want to have a keyboard shortcut to be able to select the meaning I like the most out of the 5 options.

Here’s a handy list of the shortcuts:

Pressing Enter adds the LingQ/translation. Alternatively, you can press right arrow key when selected the word, and it automatically assigns the first meaning option. Pressing up/down on the keyboard, you can choose between the translations.

I think F opens a pop-up for the dictionary. You can change your preferred dictionary under the “manage” option on the righthand side.

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That does not work, also sometimes I will press the arrows and they won’t work at all.

Usually you do like this, in sequence:

  1. press H to open the window with the blank field (as you said)
  2. if there are others translations available made from other users, now you click Enter and it selects the first translation.
  3. if there are more translations available you can use the up and down arrows to choose the next ones and click Enter.

Hope it helps.

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Thank you