Watching movies in target language

Well, my experience of learning two foreign languages says, it helps a lot to see the movies. The pictures helps you remember the vocabulary, phrases and slang, because then you connect them to pictures and situations, it is powerful and you learn deeply. It is more close to real live.You don’t have this connection by studying from books only, and listening by watching movies is there in any case.

вопрос вкусов to each his/her own de gustibus non disputandum est

What about DVD played at 50% of normal speed ? then later try 100% of speed.

well. i have keep it real.

what helps motivate me is looking at american programs dubbed in german.

before i do the LingQ exercises and dialogue transcripts. i find that i really need something to get me jump started. to pull me in to the language. so seeing something entertaining that is in german helps alot.

but i agree with steve - using it as intensive learning is not a good idea. it should help you see where you want to go and how good you want to be in the language.

thats a great idea! the russian version of the song “once upon a december” is goooorgeous.

I think tv series are better, especially for beginners, because a tv episode is shorter than a movie, and because episode after episode you get used to the way they speak, so it gets easier and easier to understand.

I don’t like subtitles, because you can easily become ‘addicted’ to them (…at least I think I would). Instead of using your brain to recognize the words and the patterns you know, you just focus on reading the dialogues. I think it’s very useful to have a transcript to look at, but only after you’ve watched the episode or the movie.

I think you are absolutely right. Last night I watched a movie in french and I spent all of my time looking at the english subtitles which added more to the translation than what was required. So I watched the movie in english and then afterwards I watched it in english. I think I learned more like that.
I agree with you also about the TV serries. Great idea.

Yup and contrary to some movies, there are a lot of dialogues in tv series.

There recently was running a parrallel thread on movies with/without subtitles: Watching Movies - Language Forum @ LingQ