Watching a Thread and Editing Flash Cards

I see that if we post to a thread then the Watch Thread box is checked automatically. Very convenient. Thanks.
Also I note that we can now edit Flash Cards directly. Another handy tool. Thanks.

We’re always adding little things this, and while they aren’t quite newsworthy we hope they do make things just a little bit better for our users :slight_smile:

What does watch thread do exactly?

I know this is off-topic but this is the only relevant thing google showed me when I tried to find out.

If you tick the little box near the top left of a thread, you will get sent an email notification whenever someone adds a comment. The box is just above the first picture in a thread.

You can uncheck the box if you do not want to be notified when a reply to your question comes in.

Is there any option to make that notifications in lingq itself instead of e-mails?

Not as far as I know. I don’t know whether this sort of thing is on the to-do-list, I doubt it somehow.

Ok. Thank you.