Want to speak in English, can learn French


I’m a french student and I’d like to improve my skills in English (writing, reading, speaking, understanding) so I’d like to speak with some native English speakers (UK/USA). I don’t want someone who is going to listen to me, I want a real chat in which we can talk about many subjects naturally as if we were both english native speakers sharing their views. I don’t want to take lessons, it’s not my goal, indeed if I make some big mistakes, you’ll correct me.

In return, I can speak french if anyone needs help. I’m native so if you want me to correct texts, I can do it for sure. We can also speak in french if you need to improve your oral skills, I’ll be glad to converse with you. I hope I could have lots of discussions with native and french learners, so please tell me when you are free to talk, we’ll plan on this.

Thanks, have a nice day.

PS : Feel free to ask questions, add me as a friend, etc…

Check your wall :slight_smile: