Want to improve pronunciation and reading skills?

I would like to share with you the idea I had to improve pronunciation and reading skills.
Basically, you just need to record yourself reading a text in the language that you’re learning and share here with us.

How can you do it?

You just have to upload the recording in a website of file hosting and then share the link with us. After that, people who speak the language you’re learning can judge your recording and maybe give you some tips.

In my opinion, that’s a very good way to improve pronunciation and reading skills!!!

Here is the link of my first recording:


The transcription is here:

Can any English native speaker judge my recording or give me some tips to improve my pronunciation?

@rodrigo - Ideally, you would post stuff like this on your wall for other members to comment on. We do plan on implementing a way to post audio files on your wall but, in the meantime, you can post the link there as well.

Can’t I post the link here?

All Portuguese learner can feel free to send me your recordings.!!!