Wall message alerts do not come through

I set up a new e-mail address today.

The messages from the forum discussions get through without any problem. The wall message alerts, however, don’t. (One from Vera, one from MissT… and one from me, as a test run.)

Is there a general bottleneck somewhere or does the wall take longer to respond in cases of new settings?

The wall alerts should arrive just like the forum alerts. Have you checked your spam folder?

Just double-checked it. No,not in the spam, nor at my old address. The wall messages are definitely stuck somewhere in the system. How can we flush them out?

Well, it isn’t really necessary to shake the old ones loose, but I should like to receive any future ones…

What email provider do you have? Maybe they cause the problem. Or they blog LingQ. Strange things could happen.

Thank you, Mark & Vera. They have just come through so presumably the new service is much slower. I shall keep a beady eye on it; if it doesn’t behave, it’ll have to go!