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Wow, “Total Voters: 3,650” lol. It must have just started. You LingQers better get there before its over…;p

I think we are not going to win this thing, but it is a very interesting and extensive list.

We had some very relevant discussions of the blog vote on the Chinese C1 thread. Why has it been removed?

Is it possible to delete a post? The above post appeared twice for some reasons and I cannot delete it, only modify it.

You can’t delete a post unfortunately. I am also not aware of any discussions being removed. Are you sure?

Well, at least it doesn’t show up anymore. It is this epic FI3M Mandarin C1 thread which took many twists and turns, yesterday me and Mark (Bortrun) discussed language blogging there. The thread used to be in the “Open Lingq Forum” section.

I will try to find out what happened. Maybe you started swearing at me.


Benny the language “Hacker” may know some computer hackers. His infamous post mysteriously disappeared after the the favorite language learning blog contests arrival, hmmmm… ;p

The thread is still there, but we’re not sure why it isn’t showing up. Perhaps it hit some sort of post limit? Not sure…

Some strange things might be happening since our server host performed maintenance this evening. We will look into it.