Vote for android flashcard app


I’ve seen in the forum that there migt come a learning app for smartphones? I’d like to vote for a Android-Flashcard-App. Would be very usefull for many users I think.


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@ mandolyn - We have an iphone app currently and have no immediate plans for any other smartphone apps. However we recognize that there are other platforms out there and we do hope to provide apps for these platforms as well in the future.

I would do a java version of LingQ Mobile, so that it runs on any platform

so everyone who wants an android-app for lingq should replay to this threat. Then they can see how many android-users are out there…
btw: I would pay up to € 2,- for such an app.


I would love a lingq app for Android as well. I’m not a Mac fan at all. I stay away from them as much as possible =p.
As far as flashcard apps for Android, Anki is available. I’ve used it/ tested it and it works well on my Samsung galaxy android.
You could just export your lingqs and import them into anki.

I don’t use it anymore though. Not because its a bad flashcard app but because I actually don’t enjoy/like flashcarding. I learn better just listening a lot and rereading.

I would like an android app as well.

An android app would be awesome. Afterall, it is growing faster than ios. If I remember rightly, there are more android devices being activated each day than the apple devices.

Gizmo, Yep but its also being updated like crazy which is good but it also SUCKS!!!
I just bought my new android phone back in January. New phone , just came out. Had Android 1.5 installed on it. Now, nearly a year later they are already up to android 2.2 ( and talking about upgrading again). Most decent apps are for android 1.6 + or 2.0 +. Theres a crap load of apps I want to download but i cant because i’m stuck on 1.5. Unfortunately my carrier doesnt allow Upgrading OS , if you do the phone will just stop working. I really wish they allowed OS upgrades easily. Now I’m stuck on a 3 year plan with a “smartphone” that I cant even use most of the apps I want. I’ll probably have to pay to upgrade the phone soon.

IF lingq does release an android app I sure hope it’ll be compatible with all and every Android OS version from 1.5-2.2 + =p.

Keroro, oh. I can upgrade my tablet. It’s probably because you’re on contract and that will make it harder to upgrade. I don’t know if you are breaking the contract if you are doing so. You’re right though, they do upgrade to quickly. They should just spend longer making a significantly improved one than a moderately better one

It would be not so difficult to create such an app, but the LingQ API offers not all functions to create it. I miss a login function, access to lessons, and filtered LingQ result sets. Maybe more…

This is another vote for an Android app.

LingQ Staff: Thanks for everything you do to keep this site running.

I would pay at least 5 $US for a lingQ android app. I’m not at my computer much, so I can’t take advantage of all the great content

Mdarin, I heard that it is more profitable to make a free app on android and just put adverbs on it then it is to put a paid app on the marketplace

I saw Steve talking about how great it is to use his Ipad with LingQ on the sofa etc.

It’s a shame that this isn’t an option for Android users.

+1 :slight_smile:

I am also vote for an Android app. That would be great :slight_smile:

It would be lovely to have lingq as an Android app.