Vocabulary: single word import: can't add word with translation

I would like to add a single word (not from csv) into vocabulary and specify some attributes (translation, tags, notes etc.) Is it possible to do? The workaround I found is:

  1. Add a single term in ‘Import Vocabulary’ window
  2. Search for added term and add a translation

The disadvantage is that this approach is not user-friendly and I can’t add a phrase with example.

Hi Anastasia. Yes, I also click on “Import Vocabulary” then enter the word of phrase (LingQ calls it a “term”) and then click Import. I just tested it and it worked for a two line phrase I put in so I’m not sure why you are having diffiuclty. Maybe it’s because I use “classic” mode?

Regardless, here’s another method I use: I will create a Course and/or Lesson in my Imports Page, for example “TV Shows” as the course and “La Reina del Sur Show” as the Lesson. Then I will import all the words as if I were importing a regular lesson. Then I will have a list of (usually blue) words or phrases show up like a regular lesson that I can Lingq, tag, and translate as normal, search for later as a grouped lesson, and it still dumps the words into my vocabulary databse for SRS review, LingQs of the day, etc.

Good Luck!

(I almost can’t wait to “finish” my Spanish. I’ve been looking forward to Russian for some time!)

Yes, I know about all this functionality, but what I’m missing is basic Vocabulary behavior: add a word with translation, example phrase and probably some tags in the scope of single operation.

Okay, I understand better now. I have never seen LingQ do that before, so I’m not sure. To me, that seems far more awkward than the “workaround” so I’ve never tried to do that before.