Vocabulary search function problem

There has been a change in the past while which makes it impossible for me to determine where a piece of vocabulary I’m reviewing comes from.

Until recently I used to search on the copied string using the “Course” drop-down. That drop-down used to provide me with a list of my courses. Now it shows “all” and “Show more”, however “Show more” no longer works and no longer displays anything. The only working option is “all”. So in other words, I can’t determine which course the vocabulary is in.

The Lessons drop-down has never worked and is also unusable for the purpose of locating text. It ought to show me a list of MY OWN LESSONS at the very least. Actually, far more usefully, it should be linked to the Course drop-down and show me the lessons within the selected course. Instead it shows me a bunch of random lessons in my target language that have nothing to do with me…and this is what it’s always done.

I do not consider this to be a minor problem. From my perspective, it’s serious. It is essential from my perspective to be able to view vocabulary in context. If the Lingq vocabulary review facilities are to be at all useable, they should allow you to view the context in which the vocabulary appears. You get a wee little snippet of text (at best and often not even that) which is absolutely insufficient. This is one of Lingq’s greatest weaknesses from my perspective.

I palliate this serious problem by searching for the vocabulary in context within the original text quite frequently…And now I’m unable to do so.

The problem affects the desktop website version, the IOS app and the website version viewable on my iPAD.

We are familiar with the issue and our developers are looking into it. We will have it fixed.

Ok thanks! Note that I originally reported the problem with the Lesson drop-down several months ago….