Vocabulary page help

I have created about 35 lingqs in my first few lessons. They show up on my vocabulary page, but I can’t figure out how to add them to flash cards or the other options. Any advice would be helpful.

Are you clicking the flashcard etc buttons at the top of the vocabulary page? Or, on the lesson page in the LingQs pane you can also click on the flashcard etc. buttons. Why don’t you go to the Academy page which you can find in the top menu bar and watch the video on Vocabulary.

Yes I watched it. I can get to vocabulary from the individual lessons. I just expected to see the words also from the vocabulary button on my learning page. That one is blank, so I’m not sure what it is for.

Do you mean the Vocabulary page in the Learn sub-menu? You should see all vocabulary from all lessons on this page. And, at the top are the big buttons for starting your various tests with the selected LingQs. Are you saying this page has no words displayed?

This is the Vocab page Login - LingQ.

Well, it didn’t when I posted this. I clicked on learn, vocabulary, and flash cards. It said I had no flash cards even though I had 58 lingqs. But I tried it just now and it is working. Could it have been a lag for syncing something on the site? Either way, it looks fine now.

@gesnipes - It could have been a lag due to caching. We cache various information to display pages more quickly so there can sometimes be a lag for some information to be updated on the site. Although, that seems like a strange page to have that lag. We will look into it. Glad it’s working now. You may want to try ctrl + refreshing the vocabulary page a few times to clear any cached information if this happens again.

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